One More Reason to Follow God’s Plan for Your Life–and Make Tons of Money in the Process!

Having been through bankruptcy, you get a completely different sense of money and it’s importance in your life.  With bankruptcy, you usually lose a lot of stuff–in our case, we lost pretty much everything:  our house, our vehicles, our toys (ATV’s, motorcycle’s, etc), and our privacy.  We basically started over as if we were 18 and had just left our parents house.

After this, we determined never to finance stuff again, which, for the most part, we have.  We have only financed our two vehicles (mainly because my husband needs one that will start everyday and get him to work and I need one that is safe for my kids).  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure we’d be driving beaters right now.

Well, financing my vehicle has become a nightmare in and of itself.  The dealer screwed up in every way imaginable and is now claiming we owe them money.  It’s gone beyond the point of absurdity.  I’ve given it to God right now so I don’t have to worry about it but, once again, I have learned a valuable lesson:  never, ever will I finance another thing again!  Not even a house.  I am so fed up with banks and having to cow-tow to get things done that I’m surprised anyone is doing business with them.

The plan has now become:  get out of the little debt we have as soon as possible and go from there.

If I had a lot of money (which, God willing, I will one day once my purpose in life is fulfilled), I would have just paid cash for my vehicle and been done with it.  I’d pay whatever this dealership thinks we owe them (not because they are right because they’re not, but just to be done with them).  I’d definitely give more and be more generous with my finances.  I’d be less stressed and I’d never deal with banks again except when I need cash.

Has anyone else had similar experiences they’d like to share?


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