Why Does God Take Some People and Not Others?

I was reading online about the spring break tragedy where a high school football player died from a fall while on spring break.  My first reaction was one of little sympathy.  If kids do drugs and drink, bad things can happen and they do.  However, it got me to thinking when I was young and there were more than a few times where I did some stupid things (some involving alcohol) and could have died.  Just God didn’t call me at the time.  I put myself in bad situations and nothing happened.  Yet, other kids are called (like this incident) and they don’t escape the repercussions.

This all made me wonder how God chooses people and at what time he chooses them to leave this planet.  My time could have been up several times–but it wasn’t.  He meant me to be the parent of three beautiful children.  Hopefully, He means me to be a published author that will help other people.  Who knows what He means for me in the future?

Life is transitory.  It can be over in one instant.  It can be over because of bad situations you do to yourself or others do to you or even for no reason at all.  We need to enjoy every minute we have here.  Only God knows when our time is up.


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