Music and Writing

When I first read Twilight and Ms. Meyer gave credit to a band that she listened to when she wrote the story, I just didn’t get it.  I like to write in silence so I was confused at first.  Yet, lately, I’ve gotten it.

Ever since my husband got me my IPod, I’ve been listening to the same 10 songs over and over.  These are the songs that most speak to my heart about my life right now and where I want it to head.

Needless to say, they do inspire my writing.  I listen to them before I sit down to write and all throughout the day as I ponder what I will write.  They take me back to the time and place I need to be…the time my story takes place.  They re-new the feelings I had, the ones I’m trying to re-create, and they center me as I type.

Some songs encourage me…telling me I can do this if I only keep trying.  Some songs remind me of who I used to be.  Others tell me what’s important in this life as I try to convey these messages to others.

What about you?  Do you listen to music as you write or are you inspired by music?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Still Resisting…

I am still resisting with every ounce of my being my re-write of my YA novel.  Yet, I’m pushing through it.  I fixed the first chapter (the major issues I found) and have yet to re-read the entire thing and fix the little things.  This is the part I am not looking forward to.  It’s the getting pulled back into my story when I had already put the characters to bed for the night that is the hard part.

I had intended to do that this morning but my son is awake and sitting on my lap and I really have to desire to cry over my story with him here.  Plus, I have to plan homeschool for next week, clean my house, and we have early soccer games so I will postpone this until early tomorrow morning.  I like to work early in the mornings when all is quiet and (supposedly) all is sleeping.  It’s easier for me to work in big chunks of time than lots of tiny ones.

I hope to finish this up soon because it is weighing me down.

Writing is a lonely craft and I’d agree with that.  I’ve been advised to join a writing group and have my work critiqued, which I know is the smart thing to do.  Yet, with all my other responsibilities, I just don’t have the time.  Trust-worthy baby sitters are hard to come by and those are usually reserved for doctors appointments and such.  Plus, I’m HORRIBLE with criticism.  I’d rather stab myself than hear my work critiqued.  I know it’s necessary but when your characters are such a part of yourself, it’s like someone is stabbing me anyways.

Yet part of this is about me.  It’s about seeing how perfect I can create something and then having an editor pare it down.  If I had the spare cash, I’d hire someone to edit it for me.  So, for right now, I’m going solo and trusting in God to guide my hands and write what He believes is important.