Nothing in my life has come easy.  I only earned straight A’s in high school because I studied hard every day.  I only survived college projects because I worked hard.

So why I thought writing would be ANY different is beyond me.  For whatever reason, I thought it would be easy–you sit down, write a book, find an agent, and wha-lah, published author.  But, I was wrong, very wrong.

Writing the book is not easy.  The first draft is easy.  It’s the twentieth draft and beyond that is not.

So, as I start my umpteenth ‘final’ revision, I have realized this is how it’s supposed to be:  hard.  So, I’m gonna suck it up and get to work!

The Power of a Good Book

I just finished Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.  It was really good.  The ending was great.  There were a few parts that dragged but it was good.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I could ever do that.  Sure, that’s my dream but with no one exactly knocking on my door to publish my stuff, it just makes me question if it will ever come true.

I liked being sucked in and I wonder if I could ever do that.  There’s just so much I don’t know–about my future, the stories I fill pages with, what God will put in my head to write about…

Answers would be nice to life’s questions, wouldn’t they?