Bogged Down in the Details

I’m wondering if other writers do the same thing I do:  write at a frantic pace on their main points and then get bogged down in the details.

For the last week or so, I’ve been writing at every possible free moment.  Now, I’m forcing myself because I’m entering into boring explanatory details.  If it’s boring me, then it’s probably boring others.  I’m finding every other possible thing to do right now.  Sad really.

This happens to me every time though.  I hate editing because it’s detail work.  I’m more of a big picture, high action thinker.  Yet, I know how critical the details are.  I guess this is just not the fun part of writing for me.  I like to get my point/theme across and be done with it.

Whew!  Who know writing to be such a high demanding job?  Yet so rewarding at the same time.