I am Alone and It is Up to Me

I’ve come to realize (really just now) that if I want to succeed in my writing career, then it’s all up to me.  I have to sit down and put the sweat equity into it just like any other business.  I’m going to have to produce the best product and market it to the best of my ability.  I can’t rely on others to help.

I’ve had one of my YA novels with an editor now for a couple of months with no word on its progress.  Granted, this editor is my brother-in-law and I’m not paying him (because if I had the financial resources to do so, I’d hire a professional editor).  But, I’m just frustrated.  The Devil throws everything up against me.  If I can’t even get my family to help, who else give a #### enough to do so?!

So, I’ve decided it’s all up to me and strangely I’m okay with this.  I guess I have always known this somewhere deep in the back of my mind and only now have I become cognizant of it.

So here I sit, at work on my next YA novel which I have just finished a very rough first draft (major outline points, etc) strangely at peace that I will succeed and do it all alone and I will relish the success that much more once it comes.  I realize I will need to put more work into my final products but I won’t quit.  My heart won’t even consider that.  God will enable me to go to great heights.