Mediocrity is No Longer Acceptable

I’ve come to realize over the last few weeks that I have been dreaming too small and have settled into exactly that:  settling. God has so much more planned for my life and if I just believed that all things are possible through Him, then I will achieve them.

I have been blessed with certain talents that no one else in this world has.  I have certain gifts and it is up to me to use these for God’s purpose.

Part of my problem has been I’ve gotten caught up in believing only things I can see when I need to believe in things I can’t see.  Nothing is too big for God to achieve (this includes my measly dream of getting published).  I need to trust God for what I can’t see and for what God wants to do.  I must be a good steward of what I have in order to get more.  I need to ask God for the impossible because all things are possible through Him.

So, I’ve decided to make a list of what to ask God for.  This weekend I had determined to sell our third vehicle and get this place subletted.  Well, I sold the vehicle on Friday and yesterday I had one guy said he’d fill out the paperwork on Monday.  2 things on my list already accomplished.  I’ve decided to get out of my poverty frame of mind and believe I can do anything.

I had been struggling with how hopeless publishing was and wallowing in self-pity and only doggedly writing.  Well, I’ve decided my dream will come true since I have asked God for it.  I will believe my family has the money to go and do things and not get caught up in the mindset of “I’m broke, I can’t afford it, and No, I’ll wait.”  I can afford it because I believe God will provide for me–both my needs and my desires.

Other things on my list to ask God for:

A nice house in the location I want it with what I want it to contain.

A publishing deal.

God to work through me as I edit my newly-finished YA paranormal.

Faith in tithing.

Raise kids good.

A strong, healthy family.