Failure is NOT An Option

I just went to look at a house that could best be described as a ####-hole.  No wonder the people wouldn’t post any pictures on Craigslist.  Thank God I went early and didn’t have to suffer through a tour.  That would have been an utter nightmare.

On the drive home, I was disheartened and disenchanted with my life.  I started to tear-up because I am so frustrated!  I don’t know if God wants me to live in po-dunk Wyoming or if he wants me to send my kids to school or if he wants me to homeschool or what.  I just wish He’d be crystal clear in His signs.  I’m tired of Him sending me to these dumps unless the serve the purpose of making me more determined ever to succeed.

I have to believe God has more for my life.  I have to believe I will succeed.  I was not meant to struggle my entire life and settle for crappy apartments or houses.  I just wasn’t.  I wasn’t raised to fail and I have no intention of doing so.  I know God has more for me.  He has to.  He has more for all of us.  I believe this wholeheartedly and I am even more determined to succeed.  I want more out of this life.  I want more for my kids.

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