Pleasantly Surprised….

As I reluctantly began my second edit of my YA novel, I have to admit, I had to quell my excitement.  As I’m reading it, I’m thinking, “This is pretty good.”  As I’m making changes, I’m thinking, “Now, it’s even better.  Maybe this has a shot after all.”

As most writers know, getting a book published is no easy task.  It’s not just write a book and it’s instant fame and fortune.  Nope.  It’s a marketing and sales job, one that perhaps ranks up there with running for public office.  You have to sell your idea and your book and you have less than 2 minutes to do so.  First impressions count even when it’s just on paper.

So, I find myself pleasantly enthralled and engaged in my story even though I know most of it by heart and the changes I make and additions just seem natural.

Writing can be fun and exciting.  Especially if it’s yours.