My Son’s Best Friend is a Chicken

My in-laws have chickens and we were staying in our camper at their place.  During this time, my 2 year-old loved to follow the chickens around, catch them, hold them, carry them around, and play with them.  Every time I’d go searching for him, he’d be following a chicken.

It was so cute!

He made the mistake of trying to pick up a roosting chicken and it pecked him.  He came crying as if it were the worst thing the world.  One chicken stole his food from his hand.  He cried over that too.

I tend to think the chickens are annoying.  They poop everywhere.  They steal my dog food.  They follow you around in hopes for scraps of food.  They get stuck in places and you have to rescue them before my dogs kill them.  The same chickens get stuck in the same places (they never learn).

But my son and daughters love them (except when they eat the pet grasshoppers, sending my near 7-year old into tears).  They are great garbage disposals.  Overall, they make good pets (and good eggs!).

My kids will miss those chickens.  Luckily, we can still visit.  Mommy not so much.  Lucky for them.


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