BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 1, Day 3: Isaiah 1:10-15

I forced myself up early to commune with God and do BSF.  Yesterday, I felt I didn’t get much out of it.  Reading the lesson was hard and skipping a question.

Today emphasized having a close relationship with God.  Isaiah speaks of taking God seriously, praising Him alone, and avoiding detestable acts in God’s eyes.

Worship is about God.  It’s about having that personal relationship with God.  It’s about pleasing Him and putting Him first in all things.

I’m struggling with the latter right now.  We just moved and doubled our expenses but not our income.  I’m freaking out about not having enough money to still be able to do things (how our life has been for a number of years) and I don’t want that.   I was angry all day yesterday.  Finally, I realized I must have faith in God.  He brought us to this house.  He brought my husband to his job.  He will bring us through this if we have faith He will.  He will provide.

I’ve always struggled with this one so this is another test on His part.  I am trying my hardest to believe in God’s provisions.  It will be a struggle but I intend for God to triumph in this test.


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