BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 2, Day 2: Isaiah 2:1-5

Summary:  This passage is a prediction from Isaiah about how one day the word of the Lord will reign supreme and how we must walk in the ways of the Lord.  It predicts how God will teach us his ways and how man will turn in his weapons for tools and follow Him.


3) Isaiah saw the Lord would reign supreme over all his people.  He will teach him his ways and settle disputes.

4) The last days before Jesus comes again and the Earth ends.

Caveat:  Here I’m at a disadvantage since I confess I haven’t read the entire Bible (In the Book of Matthew right now.  I just finished the Old Testament over the summer) so this answer is just from general knowledge I have.

5) a God reigns supreme

b Hope one day God will reign supreme and His will prevail

6) To walk in the light of the Lord.

These are the factual answers.  Your personal responses are not included.

I got hope out of these passages.  One day life will be better.  It’s not all gloom and doom.  It inspires the belief in a better day.


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