BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 2, Day 3: Isaiah 2:6-22

Summary of passage:  God has abandoned his people due to idol worship.  He will humble the arrogant man so He alone will be exalted.  God alone will shine.  Put your trust in Him.


7a) Superstitions from the East, divination, clasp hands with pagans, greed, land full of idols, worshiping the work of your hands

7b) Personal answer

8a) Personal answer but I put the Lord will humble the arrogant man.

8b) Because God wants to be first in your mind and He can’t be when you are arrogant.

9) The day of the Lord is when He is King of the world.

Summation:  Today was short.  It was a lot of looking up of passages which to me is always interesting to see where these things are mentioned over and over again in the Bible.

I learned God merely wants a relationship with me and I have to move out of the way for Him to get in.


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