BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 2, Day 4: Isaiah 3:1-4:1

Summary of passage:  the Lord will take away Judah’s and Jerusalem’s food and support (including human support) because his people have unabashed sin.  The Lord will judge them, particularly the women of Zion who have become loose and immoral.  He will take away all their finery and that which is most precious to them.


10a) Supply, support:  food, water, hero, warrior, judge, prophet, soothsayer, elder, captain, officers, counselor, craftsmen, enchanter

b) Because their words and deeds are against the Lord, defying his presence and parading their sin.

c) I’m unsure if they are looking for specific dates here so I jsut put during Jehoiakim’s reign as the passage said (2 Kings 24)

11a) God chose some people to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers to prepare God’s people.

b) Personal answer

12) We parade our sins as society is unapologetic in its loose morals and values.  Words and deeds are against the Lord.

13) Personal

Conclusions:  I particularly liked thinking how God chooses pastors and most pastors whom I’ve heard speak believe they were called by God to lead.  It wasn’t their dream to be a pastor, it was God’s.  So, I like how the Bible says this as well.

I’m glad I’m doing Bible Study Fellowship but the Old Testament gets wearing after a while.  It’s the same gloom and doom: God’s people have sinned and you will be punished.  I just finished reading it this summer so I’ve been steeped in it a while.  Still, I would like a new message hopefully soon.


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