BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 3, Day 3: Isaiah 5:8-23

Summary of passage:  A warning of things not to do:  1) add house to house and field to field till no space is left (greed) 2) those who drink to get drunk and have no respect for the Lord 3) those who deceive and are wicked and impatient 4) those who mislabel evil as good, darkness as light, bitter for sweet 5) those who believe themselves wise and clever (conceited) 6) those who drink and accept bribes and deny justice to the innocent.


6) Personal question.  My answer is: Our culture is greedy.  People constantly want bigger houses and more land.  Personally, I’m impatient with God’s work.

7a) People will go into exile, men of rank will die of hunger, masses will be thirsty

b) Personal question.  For me, allow God’s plan to unfold

Conclusions:  I was disappointed in today’s lesson.  It took me 3 minutes to complete, 3 minutes to read.  I would like a little more time in the word than that.  Further, it’s all woes and reminders of how horrible man is.  God did create us as fallable beings and being constantly reminded of our inadequateness is trying.

I hope this helps someone out there.  It’s hard when the questions are personal.


4 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 3, Day 3: Isaiah 5:8-23

  1. Please I’m a member of bsf Madagascar and I want to have the third part of my lesson by internet but I don’t know how to do?


  2. I attend BSF in Singapore. Initially, I find it mind boggling. Stressful as it is. However, since I stumbled upon your blog, it has given me renewed confidence in learning from the Bible. As man,we need to be constantly reminded about following God.To love God for what He has done for us is not tiring. Thank you for your help.


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