Personal Commentary on the BSF Study of Isaiah

It’s week three of Bible Study Fellowship the book of Isaiah.  As my first time, I thought I’d add my two cents on how it’s going so far.

Overall, it’s great.  I get a lot out of the lectures and the Bible.  Not so much the discussion group.  The first week I got nothing.  Week two I got a little bit.  I hope it gets better as we go along.

This second week we had discussion time instead of the opening hymns, which was time to get to know the ladies in our group, which I enjoyed.  I was disappointed though to find out fellowship week did not involve kids.  We cannot take our kids to fellowship time so I did feel excluded since I won’t be coming to any of them.  I would like fellowship to be more about getting to know the ladies in your group and what is going on in their lives instead of more of the lessons.  I think we get enough of that.

In the lecture for Week 2, I did get offended when our leader implied reading novels and watching TV for entertainment purposes was un-Godly.  She didn’t come out and say this but it was plain to me.  I don’t see anything wrong with reading novels (I WRITE novels so I was particularly offended especially since I believe that to be my calling from God) or watching TV.

Novels is how you learn morals and values and reading in general is how you learn and be a productive member of society.  We’re not Puritans here who only read the Bible.  Kids are encouraged to read fairy tales and the classics.  How else are you going to get them to read?  By reading the book of Isaiah?

Watching TV is fine too.  Now, if you are watching TV for 8 hours a day, then, yeah, maybe you have a problem.  I just thought this was taking it a bit too far and very unnecessary.  It was as if they were trying to make us feel guilty for ‘taking a break from life’ instead of reading the Bible.  I think as long as I’m reading the Bible and novels, I’m good.

I was all about making changes so you’re not self-indulgent but as a person who is very thrifty I think my few pleasures in life (such as reading a good book) should not be attacked.


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