BSF Study Questions Lesson 3, Day 4: Isaiah 5:24-25 & Romans 8

Summary of passage:  God’s people have rejected His law and spurned His word and He is angry at them.


8a) Personal question.  I put unrelenting yet hesitant.

b) Rejecting His law and spurning His word.

9a) Everyone.

b) Yes and no.  Jesus freed us of the punishment for our sins so we are guaranteed Heaven if we accept Jesus.  Yet we still sin which is not pleasing to God and at any moment, He can bring His judgement against you.

10) Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah and the Ark, The Tower of Babel, Moses’ time when Israel was enslaved by Egypt (Exodus)

Conclusions:  This was a tough one today for me.  I had to re-read Romans 8 a couple of times to dig out the answer.  I’m really no good at the challenge questions since I don’t know the Bible very well but I try my best.  9a is probably more specific (and could be wrong) but that’s how I see it.


2 comments on “BSF Study Questions Lesson 3, Day 4: Isaiah 5:24-25 & Romans 8

  1. Elaine Strauss says:

    When I have trouble with the questions, I post the question on google and see what others are thinking about such things as “the wrath of God”. It has helped me look up unfamiliar passages-I was raised Catholic and don’t have a good handle on Bible passages.

  2. Dora Lim says:

    thank you

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