BSF Study Questions Lesson 5, Day 2: Isaiah 7:1-9 & 2 Kings 16:1-6

Summary of Isaiah 7: 1-9:  Aram and Israel marched against Jerusalem.  Aram aligned itself with Ephraim so Ahaz, the new king of Judah, was frightened.  The Lord sent Isaiah and his son, Shear-Jashub (name meaning a remnant will return) to calm Ahaz’s fears and say, “Don’t be afraid for they will not succeed in tearing Judah apart.  Ephraim will be shattered in the future.  If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”

Summary of 2 Kings16: 1-6:  Ahaz was 20 year old when he became king and he did not do what was right in the eyes of the Lord.  He sacrificed his own son in the fire and offered burnt offerings at the high places.  Aram and Israel besieged Jerusalem but could not conquer Ahaz.


3a) Aram and Israel (King Rezin and Pekah respectively) marched against Jerusalem.  Aram had joined forces with Ephraim which made Ahaz scared of defeat.

b) Isaiah’s son would encourage Ahaz just by his name, saying no matter what happens, God’s people will survive.  A message lived in his son’s name.  Isaiah 8:18 says, “Here am I, and the children the Lord has given me.  We are signs and symbols in Israel from the Lord Almighty, who dwells on Mount Zion.”

4) Ahaz did not walk in the Lord’s ways.  He did not have faith God would conquer.  Aram had joined forces with Ephraim.

5) Personal question.  My answer:  If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.  I must remember God is sovereign and I can do all things through Him.

6a) Reminding Ahaz that through God anything is possible and He is in control of the outcome of this battle.

b) Personal question.  My answer:  God will provide all of my needs and decide where I need to be at this moment in my life and in the future.  He is in control.

Conclusions:  Ahaz can still save himself by turning to God is Isaiah’s message.  It’s never too late to turn to Him and ask forgiveness and begin anew.


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