BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 5, Day 3: Isaiah 7:10-16 & Matthew 1

Summary of passages:

Isaiah 7:10-16:  The Lord commanded Ahaz to seek a sign to which Ahaz refused.  So, the Lord gives Ahaz a sign anyways despite his refusal of a child born to a virgin and before the child is grown, Ahaz’s enemies will be defeated.

Matthew 1:  A listing of Jesus’s genealogy and a description of Jesus’s birth: an angel appeared to Joseph and told him the baby was from the Holy Spirit and Joseph did as commanded.


7) Ahaz wouldn’t ask God himself for a sign even though He was commanded by God to do so.  Instead, he asked Assyria and he striped God’s holy temple to pay for it.  Then, Ahaz adopted Assyria’s gods.  In Exodus, the people lacked faith He would provide for their needs; yet, He did.  They tested His promises.  In Deuteronomy, it says do not test the Lord.  Here, God commanded Ahaz to ask for a sign and Ahaz turned his back.  This does not qualify as a test.  This is disobedience.

8a) The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel and before the boy is grown, your enemies will be destroyed.

b) Jesus

9) Personal Question.  My answer:  Because they lack faith in God just like in Ahaz’s time or people flat-out don’t believe in God, His word, or His messages.

Conclusion:  My take away is this:  Have faith in God to solve all of your problems.  He knows best what is good for you.


2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 5, Day 3: Isaiah 7:10-16 & Matthew 1

  1. I would like BSF Study Lesson 7 as I was ill and unable to make the morning session. Where do I go on the web to get it and print it? Thank you. Linda Harkness


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