Great Men Have Dreamed Great Dreams,

and I have dreamed your Greatness.

This is a line out of the picture book, “Merlin and the Dragons,” by Jane Yolen.

It struck me because I am continually striving for and dreaming of greatness and always seem to fall short.

I’m having a really hard time editing my latest book.  I think it’s my best work yet but somehow finding the time is daunting.  I’m determined to finish it and am creating a time line to do so.

Still, I’m not encouraged.  I’ve been plagued by this moving dilemma (albeit we are months away).  My mind won’t focus.  I’m trying not to worry and put it all on God’s shoulders but am failing at that as well.  I’m struggling to exercise.  Accomplishing anything seems…overwhelming.

I’m worn down.  I’m disheartened.  I need to be filled up again but can’t seem to manage to do so.  I’m ambivalent.  I’m stuck in limbo.

I’d appreciate any prayers sent my way.


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