BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 5, Day 5: Isaiah 8:11-18

Summary of passage: God spoke to Isaiah telling him to not follow the way of the people, do not fear what they fear; fear only Him.  The Lord Almighty is your sanctuary but will be a stumbling stone for many.  Isaiah concludes he will wait for the Lord and trust in Him; he and his children are signs from the Lord.


13a) Personal answer.  My answer:  I’m really not influenced much by others’ fears.

b) Do not fear what they (the people) fear.  The Lord is the only thing you should fear.

c) To be mindful of His laws and obey them or face the punishment/consequences.  Your sins are forgiven if you accept Jesus but that doesn’t give you a pass to do evil.

14a) Stumbling Stone–Those who do not believe (Israel in Romans 9:30-33) and who disobey the message (1 Peter 2:4-10)

Sanctuary–Those who believe in Jesus and God

b) Personal answer.  My answer:  Sanctuary

15) Personal answer.  My answer:  In hard times, whom do I turn to?  In good times, whom do I turn to?

Conclusions:  Beware of others’ influence in your life and turn to God for all your needs in life.  Remember He is there always.  Let His ways be your ways.


2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 5, Day 5: Isaiah 8:11-18

  1. you do such a wonderful job with BSF…I love how you add your conclusions…they are thought provoking…..the way you think is a learning experience for me…i sometimes have trouble deciphering what they are asking…thank you for taking the time to do this…you are a great teacher…


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