BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 2 Isaiah 10:5-15 & 2 Kings 18:9-16

Summary of Isaiah 10:5-15:  God chooses Assyria to be his instrument of judgment against Israel and Judah.  He sends Assyria to loot and plunder but the King of Assyria, boasting of his greatness, intends to destroy Israel and Judah completely.  When the Lord is finished using Assyria, He will punish Assyria for his pride and arrogance.  God explains how it is by His wisdom and understanding that Assyria has plundered and removed nations; how God’s hand conquered countries as easily as gathering eggs.  God finishes by saying He is the one holding the ax (which represents Assyria), explaining how Assyria is merely a tool in His hands.

Summary of 2 Kings 18:9-16:  Assyria laid seige to Samaria (part of Israel) and captured it after 3 years.  The King of Assyria then deported Israel to Assyria.  God allowed this to happen because Israel had not obeyed Him and had violated his covenants.  The King of Assyria then attacked Judah and captured them.  Here is when King Hezekiah stripped the Lord’s temple as ransom money to the Assyrians.


3a) God sent Assyria to conquer Israel and Judah, seizing loot and plunder.  In 2 Kings, we learn the King of Assyria deported Israel to Assyria and captured Judah, leading King Hezekiah to strip the temple of the Lord of gold (bribing Assyria) to depart.

b) God’s purpose was more of a punishment (or time-out in today’s time) to teach a lesson to his children–to seize and snatch plunder but Assyria’s King’s purpose was utter destruction and complete annihilation of Israel and Judah.  This led to God punishing Assyria for their haughtiness, greed, and evil heart.

4a) Assyria boasts, saying all their commanders are kings, how they have conquered all these nations and how they (Assyria) can deal with Jerusalem and other nations how they please with  no regard to God’s laws and no credit to God’s hand in these victories.  It’s about the greatness of man and not the greatness of God.

b) God explains how He is the one in control, how He is the one wielding the tool or axe (which is Assyria) and how He has allowed Assyria’s victories because they fit into His plans.  God took the wealth of nations and countries as easily as one gathers eggs.

Conclusions:  Again, examples of how God is in control of everything; how He uses nations for his purposes.  A reminder for our lives:  God has a plan and we all fit in it somewhere even if we can’t see it or believe it or understand it at times, He is using us for His purposes.


One thought on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 2 Isaiah 10:5-15 & 2 Kings 18:9-16

  1. I am currently enrolled in the study of Isaiah. Am 78 years old. Have been a Cristian most of my life but never studied the Bible. I find the B.S.F. study very very good. So glad to be a part of your program Thank you for making it possible for so many people


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