BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 4 Isaiah 10:16-27

Summary of passage:  The Lord Almighty will destroy His warriors (in effect His people) and Israel’s fields and forests.  But a remnant will remain who will only rely on the Mighty God and return to Him.  Soon, the Lord will turn his anger against the Assyrians and strike them down similar to Midian and Egypt.  The Israelities will be set free.


7) Lord Almighty-He is all powerful and in control.  His will above all else.  Light of Israel–He is the Light, the truth, the way.  Holy One–perfect and revered in every way.  Righteous and just.  Mighty God–Nothing can overcome Him.

8a) God will lash them with a whip and raise his staff over the waters.

b) Personal question.  My answer:  God performs miracles at any given time to enact His will and ways.  He will use countries and punish countries as He sees fit.

9a) The remnant will truly rely on the Lord and return to the Mighty God.

b) Personal Questions.  My answer:  These people put God first and relied on His will.  If we do the same and return to God, anything in our life is possible.

10) When Moses raised his staff over the Red Sea and allowed Israel to escape Egypt.  Gideon defeats the Midianites with an army of only 300 and was directed by God.  Both of these men completely relied on God and overcame overwhelming odds to defeat the enemy.  Israel is reminded that Assyria can be defeated through God as He is all powerful.  If God says they will be defeated, the people can trust in His word.

Conclusions:  This passage comes down to trust and belief.  Believe anything is possible.  Believe God is in control.  Believe He will do what He says He will do.  We are reminded of how God can overcome any odds to enact His will.  It reminds us of His greatness and how He can do anything.  In our own lives, if we ask God and believe He will answer, He will and we don’t have to worry anymore.  His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.


6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 4 Isaiah 10:16-27

  1. The scriptures concerning the ‘remnant’ of Israel are some of the most beautiful. In the spiritual blinding and deafening of the portion of Israel (remnant)…beautiful purposes of God are accomplished. In the restoration of their sight and hearing….is seen what the Father always purposed for His people. My site is somewhat dedicated to my love for these portions of scripture which concern the ‘remnant’ and the part forerunner Elias plays in their final restoration….just before the Second Coming.



  2. Thank you for sharing the answers, I have only gotten up to day 4 of Lesson 7.I study on my own but having another perspective is great.I need the answers before Monday, will that be possible? I have been having problems with all the kings and history, you have made it very clear, I Don’t know if I am allowed to do this but it helps me tremendously, Thank You,



    1. Hey Lissette,

      I post them as I do it. So Sunday morning will be Day 5 and Day 6 will be Monday morning. I post very early in the morning so you should have them before your class on Monday depending on your time zone. Does that help?


    1. No, I don’t. I started this, not expecting anything, and it’s taken off. I’m excited to see how God has made this all come together to help people like you. I’m actually a bit afraid the BSF people will get mad if they found out about this so I haven’t told anyone about it. It’s just for you guys to use to better understand His word and in my view I see nothing wrong with that.


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