BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 6 Isaiah 10:5-34

Summary of passage:  God sends Assyria against his people to loot and plunder.  Assyria intends to bring destruction so God will punish the King of Assyria for his pride and haughtiness.  God explains how He uses countries to enact His will through an analogy of Him wielding an axe.  The remnant (remaining people after the sacking of the Israel and Judah by Assyria) will truly rely on the Lord and turn to him only.  The Lord assures his people He will come against Assyria and destroy them.  Assyria will be stopped before they enter Jerusalem.  He uses the axe analogy once again, saying He will fell Assyria’s trees.


13) Personal Question.  My answer:  God’s priorities are for His people to follow Him in a just and Godly way.  He will use whomever He desires to teach His followers lessons if they cannot learn it through other means.  But all of this punishment/discipline is out of His great love for us.  It is our benefit so we can grow closer to Him after the lessons are learned.

14) Personal Question.  My answer:  To be more humble, to teach my children humility and to always put His will first.

Conclusions:  Great lesson.  We learned about God’s sovereign power, His use of nations to enact His will, His overwhelming love for us that causes his discipline of our behavior, the harmfulness of pride, the power of humility, and God’s means of teaching us His lessons for life.  We must remember God loves us unconditionally despite our foibles, idiosyncracies, and mistakes.

2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 7, Day 6 Isaiah 10:5-34

  1. thank you so much for helping me with my bible study. I tell my husband I feel like I’m cheating but these lessons are hard and you help me to understand it so well.


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