BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 8, Day 5 Isaiah 12

Summary of passage:  A song of praise to the Lord because He has turned his anger away and comforted his people.  He is their strength and salvation of living waters.  Isaiah says to proclaim His greatness to the world and give thanks.


11a) God has turned his anger away and He has comforted his people.  His people will trust and not be afraid.  The Lord is the people’s strength and salvation.

b) Anyone who believes in God/Jesus will have streams of living water flow from within him or her.  Whoever accepts Jesus (drinks the water) will have eternal life/salvation.

12) Proclaim, shout, sing

13) Personal question.  My answer:  I’m not for sure I shout but I am joyful to be walking with the Lord through life.  I do trust but sometimes I’m afraid.  The Lord is my strength and joy.

Conclusions:  It’s good to be reminded He is all things and He should be praised for all His goodness.  Reading songs of praise to Him is comforting, knowing it’s not all gloom and doom 2500 years ago.  So often God just gets our problems but He needs our thanks too.


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