BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 9, Day 4 Isaiah 14:1-8

Summary of passage: The Lord will have compassion on Israel and bring them home once again to their promised land.  Israel will make captives of their captors and will join with aliens to subdue other nations.  On that day, Israel will taunt the King of Babylon, pointing out his cruelty, while all the lands sing for peace.


7) He will once again forgive Israel, have compassion on them, affirm them as His chosen people, and return them to the Promised Land.  They will be united as one country again and will ally with aliens to rule over other nations and their captors.

8a) Babylon’s rulers were driven by anger and were cruel:  they struck down peoples with unceasing blows and subdued nations with relentless aggression.

b) Israel is now the ruler over other nations, including Babylon.  Israel will “taunt” the King of Babylon (not very Jesus-like) on the day these roles are reversed.  I’m picturing a 5 year-old saying, “Ha, ha, I’m better than you,” which is not very humble for people who just spent years in captivity because they disobeyed their God.

Conclusions: What is the reason for every country’s fall (besides God’s will)?  Well, they are cruel to their people and eventually the people rise up, ally with other countries, and overthrow the cruel rulers.  Someone usually gets greedy (think Rome, Greece, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, the Puritans, etc), decides it’s my way or the highway, and people get fed up.  This is how it has been since the beginning of time.

Call me pessimistic but I’m not getting much out of this passage here, especially the whole taunting scene, which to me is very un-God-like.  I’m not sure God approved of such actions.

It just seems to me Babylon was destined to fall and the questions just kind of re-iterate this logicalness.  I guess I’m just looking for something deeper here.  For a lesson that started out so powerful, it is now flailing like a bird with a hurt wing.

One thought on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 9, Day 4 Isaiah 14:1-8

  1. i really enjoy comparing your answers to my own. I wanted to comment on your last sentence. Wow, was surprised that with your good insight on the lessons, how you could consider that any part of God’s word or study is flailing. You know BSF, often times we are led to a place that sets up next weeks lesson…instead of being disappointed, why not anticipate what is next..I like the mixture of superdeep and then straight forward. I also think that for the new believer, if you had a lesson that is so deep that they can’t get thru it, they will close the bible. I believe this is an attempt to engage at all levels.


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