Curious as To Other BSF’ers Thoughts on Groups…

Last week, our small group discussion leader was sick so we were combined with another group and had a different leader.  Admittedly, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea but I went along…

And boy was I surprised!

It was a very lively discussion and it was very cool to get other people’s perspectives on the lesson.  The other group’s demographics was completely different than ours and it was neat to see.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the discussion and was surprised at where our conversations led.  The number of ladies was doubled so there was about 2 dozen of us.

From this experience, I thought BSF could do more of this sort of thing:  joining other groups for a week and mixing it up a bit.  I understand how the point is to keep it all confidential and some people only share once they become comfortable.  But we had no ASK’s or anything personal discussed–just the lesson.

I was wondering what you all thought.  Should BSF do more of this mixing of the groups and sitting in on others’ discussions every now and then?  Or do you like the format of same group every week with no wriggle room?


8 thoughts on “Curious as To Other BSF’ers Thoughts on Groups…

  1. I’m a small group discussion leader with BSF. Last year, when I was not a leader, my leader was out one night and my group joined another one. I loved hearing the new perspectives and also seeing the subtle differences in how the other leader led the group. I won’t be able to attend leader’s training one day in December so my group will join a different group on discussion group night, and I will be in a different group. I’ll miss my group of ladies but will be able to join them at the end for ASK.

    I don’t think our small groups would bond as well if we changed often. However, most of the leaders have to miss a week or two during the year, and I think it’s good for discussion groups to experience the difference on those weeks.

    I love BSF! 🙂


  2. I like the set pattern of one “small” discussion group. The attendance is so sporadic in some groups, that it takes the whole year of coming together to get to know people. When the leader is absent, discussion groups can provide an unpleasantly disjointed experience. I live in a very transient town; so I don’t need more transience in the BSF setting. I do, however, really like the idea of expanding my small group via your blog: I love reading your comments, opnions and research!


  3. I shold first introduce myself and tell you how my I enjoy your blog. Hi I am Teri in NYC. Although I don’t read your BSF answer post until after I have completed my lesson, I you are a blessing to me to answer my questions daily! Thanks for theat.

    Regarding combined groups, generally I have enjoyed them. I enjoyed them most as a newBSF attendee about 6 years back. I enjoyed hearing a more diverse sharing. Our group has about 15-18 women with 10-12 attending regularly. Mixing it up is fun, I think ASK’s may suffer if they didn’t stay a smaller group thing, but I could be wrong.

    Loved you post on toothbrushes, you have me thinking about getting an electonic one for my family.
    Your sister in Christ,


  4. I would like to see mixed age groups as opposed to all one age group. Last year I started in February and I was in a mixed age group. I really liked the different perspectives. This year my group are all older people. I like the challenge of the younger ladies as well as the chance to mentor and be mentored. We joined in with another class a couple of weeks ago and it was interesting to hear their take on the questions. A lot of good thoughts were brought up. They were a younger group. Last year we were challenged and motivated by the youngest member of our group who was maybe 20.


  5. Generally, I like to stay with the same group because it is easier to form bonds. However, it is fun to go into another group (when our group is too small, for example). I have traveled out of state a couple of times and attended a different class. It was really fun to see that the women were studying the same thing – they just had a different accent!! I love BSF, also!


  6. I’m in my 7th year of BSF and still learning and enjoying meeting new ladies. This year, the age groups are more mixed than ever before. Mostly, I was told, this was done to be able to place women in BSF more quickly than in the past when they had to wait for an opening in a specific age group. In the past 6 years, I was in the 50 to 65 year old group. This year, I have some gals that have to be in their 30’s, all the way up to ladies my age+. I do enjoy this mixing of ages and I also enjoy the combined groups, but only occasionally. Part of BSF’s goal is to promote friendships and this is easier with repeated connections with the same ladies, not just a one time combination of ages and ladies, as stimulating as this may be. From personal experience at BSF, I have been able to make several lifelong friends and that has only happened by getting to know them in our small discussion groups, then pursuing outside activities with them. I’m so blessed to have them as part of my life and find that friendships are the icing on the cake at BSF. Learning God’s word and making Christian friends…..does it get much better?!


  7. I agree that i like the mix but BSF will never change this. I have attended many years and do not see them changing. There are so many people who are intimidated by the lessons. They need to be with the same group to become comfortable. I know as i felt that way many years ago. When you go to the fellowships there is a bond that begins between women. I think they keep the young ones together as they have so much in common. Either way is fine with me but it is nice to see that there are many responses to all of these questions. We are all learning so much. It inspires all of us. It is easily seen in Atzomom’s Blog.


  8. Our BSF group is a quiet bunch so I too feel that it would be more interactive if we rotated. I am the sort of person that opens up more once I am familar w/people but maybe knowing that we won’t be with the same group, people would open up knowing that next week it would be a different group of ladies. I think it would be worthwhile to give a try!


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