BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 12, Day 2 Isaiah 25

Summary of passage: Isaiah praises the Lord for all the marvelous things He has done and planned in faithfulness.  He has brought down the enemies and He will be revered by these ruthless nations.  The Lord has been a refuge, shelter, and shade for His people.  He silences and protects his people from foreigners. On this mountain the Lord prepares a banquet of rich food, destroys the barrier between Him and His people, swallows up death, wipes away the tears, and removes people’s disgrace.  Moab will be destroyed for its pride.


3a) God’s marvelous, planned actions; destruction of the foreigners’ city; a refuge for the poor and needy, shelter from the storm, shade from heat; His silence of the foreigners

b) Refuge, shelter, shade.  I really can’t praise God better than Isaiah did.

c) All

4) Prepare a rich banquet and destroy the barrier between Him and His people.  He will swallow up death, wipe away tears, and remove people’s disgrace.  Why wouldn’t this cause the people to praise God?

5) Against the wealth they have gained from the spoils of God’s people

Conclusions: I thought this passage very straight-forward and I felt BSF stretching here for the questions.  Questions 3b, 3c, and 4 I particularly disliked.  Isaiah praised God perfectly here and I will just pray his words.  Why wouldn’t His people  be praising God for His grace, His magnificence, destroying death, wiping away their tears–in essence, embracing them as His children?  I either missed the point here or this section is meant to highlight the good and tie into other sections.  Probably the latter so I’ll wait and see.


One thought on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 12, Day 2 Isaiah 25

  1. Page 3 says All control is lost– only God holds everything together.” It made me realize that today also only God holds everything together. The galaxies, the universe, the planets and our small planet, the earth.
    I know that but it is good to be reminded. It is so easy to forget and take it all for granted.


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