BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 14, Day 3 Isaiah 34:8-17

Summary of passage: Isaiah describes and predicts the Lord’s Day of Vengeance.  Edom will burn forever and it will lie desolate from generation to generation with only the animals to possess it.  The scroll of the Lord reads none of these will be missing (it will all happen) for it is his mouth that has given the order and his Spirit that will gather them (the Remnant) and who will possess it forever.


7a) Vengeance is punishment inflicted for retaliation for an injury or retribution.  The root cause of God’s and human’s vengeance is the same; the difference is God does His from love, man from hate.

b) Her streams will be turned into pitch, her dust into burning sulfur, her land will become blazing pitch.  It’s smoke will rise forever.  From generation to generation it will lie desolate.  No one will ever pass through it again.

c) Certain “For it is His mouth that has given the Order.” (Verse 16)

8a) To me, it means peace.  I don’t have to worry about bad people because God will deal with them.  It also means all of us live better lives knowing we are all accountable for our actions.

b) Personal Question.  My answer:  I still believe justice is coming in my life in terms of God fulfilling His promises, His purposes, His potential in me.  Sure, people have more than me and we’ve had stuff stripped away but I live with the hope more is coming and knowing God is just in His ways.  My family is always justice enough.

c) Personal Question.  My answer:  Justice is the administration of the law and what is just (fair) by the impartial assignment of rewards or punishments.  Grace is unmerited divine assistance given man for his regeneration or sanctification (free from sin or purify).  I want grace more since man doesn’t deserve any thing.  Grace is what will get us to Heaven.  Justice is more of an Earthly concern.

Conclusions: Lots of personal interpretation here so I’d be curious as to your answers as well.  I think I would feel different about justice if something really bad has happened to me (all I can think is losing a child as the worse thing in this world and then, yes, I would demand justice, especially from God).  But for now, grace wins out.  We all tend to think of vengeance as a bad thing, especially if our hearts desire it.  Yet, seeing God desire the same thing, we learn it’s not just a human emotion.  God feels it too.  So why shouldn’t we?


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