Age Old Lessons

“Her many sins have been forgiven–for she loved much.  But he who has been forgiven little loves little.”  Luke 7:47

Jesus is explaining how the man who was forgiven a bigger debt ($500 to make it simple) loves more than the man who was only forgiven a small debt ($50).  He expands this to the sinful woman, who loves Jesus more because of her sins (she anoints him, washes his feet with her tears, and kisses his feet); whereas Simon did not of these things.  Therefore, he has less love.

I read this and thought of how I’ve been through a lot and all this year in Isaiah we’ve learned life is not hunky-dory and God gives us trials to grow us and force us to turn our faces towards Him.

I think this is true.  Those who have an easy life do take things for granted and don’t appreciate the good life when it’s there if they’ve never had a bad life.  Someone who has suffered would love more.  Someone who’s lost someone close to them–spouse, parents, child–would love more.  Would hold on tighter. Would look at each day as a gift and not just move callously through it.

I hope I have more love.  I don’t know.  I think I’ve walled off my heart so much I don’t see this love portrayed to others.  I’m trying though.  I recognize it and am trying to be better with those around me.  My instinct is to push others away instead of embrace them and I have to fight that tendency every day.  So I pray slowly it will happen–and love will shine through.

4 thoughts on “Age Old Lessons

  1. Thank you for your post. About fifteen months ago, I started praying that God would teach me how to love. I was at the point of depletion, emptiness, withdrawn from life and from God. The study of John started teaching me, again, about what love is. I started feeling Jesus’ love again. The changes in me were not visible, but God was working; I’d prayed a prayer God loves to answer!

    Through divine intervention, in late summer, which got me to a doctor, my physical being started changing. God had things for me to do, and he knew I wasn’t ready with even the physical strength needed. The very day I visited the Y to learn about their programs, I had a call to ask me to pray about being in BSF leadership. God’s timing! The study of Isaiah has been hard in the best kind of way. Okay, I knew that Jesus loves me, but what about God? Wow! God loves me so much that He refuses to leave me the way I am.

    Awhile after school started, I found that, when I’d correct a student, I’d add, “but I love you!” Where did that come from? From God! LOL He was loving those kids through me. Eventually, I’ve learned to actually love them, again, through God’s heart.

    I no longer play games on the computer. Days will pass that I don’t turn on the TV. There aren’t enough hours in the day! I’m with people and learning to love them all. I LIKE people again and love to hear their life stories. God’s beginning to speak through me about eternal matters. I’m about to begin working with a program for homeless women.

    Wow! God is good.


  2. Hello, I went to my BSF yesterday and heard a principle and thoughts that made me think of you.

    “God’s forgiveness strengthens His people to leave the past behind” If God forgives you and you don’t forgive yourself you have put yourself above God. Hand it over to Him and He will carry you through it.


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