BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 18, Day 4 Isaiah 41:11-20

Summary of passage: All your enemies will be ashamed and disgraced and will be nothing and perish. God takes hold of our right hand and says, Do not fear; I will help you.  God will make us into a sledge to topple mountains and hills and we will rejoice in Him and His glory.  God will not forsake the thirsty.  He will make rivers flow on barren heights, springs will flow in valleys, pools of water will appear in the desert, and parched ground will become springs.  He will put cedar, acacia, myrtle, olive, pines, fir and cypress trees in a desert so people will see, know, consider, and understand that God has done and created it all.


9) He will help them.  He will make them into a sledge that will cut down mountains and hills.  All His people’s enemies will be ashamed and disgraced and will be nothing and perish.

10a) He will make rivers flow on barren heights and springs flow in valleys.  He will turn the desert into pools of water and parched ground into springs.

b) Personal Question.  My answer:  Jobs, moving, His word for pain, His understanding for things we couldn’t understand.  Doors opening in my life that never would have otherwise, husband, babies.  Daily encouragement and strength to keep moving.

c) Personal Question.  My answer:  In my writing which has fallen flat and my husband’s job situation to settle down

11a) Verbs:  see, know, consider, understand, done, created.  We witness with our eyes so our mind believes.  Then we ponder what we saw so we understand why it is true.  God does (actions) and creates everything.  Therefore, we appreciate fully how God is behind our very existence.

b) Personal Question.  My answer:  Everything around us was given by Him and created by Him.  We do not exist without Him.  So then every provision, blessing, and grace is God’s.  All for His glory.  We praise even when we lose our perspective because our hearts know always.

Conclusions:  We’ve seen how God has promised His people a deliverance back to Jerusalem and His efforts to allay His people’s fears.  “Do not fear for I am with you,” is repeated over and over again for His people.  He promises to help them, hold them in His right hand, give them strength to topple mountains (to do anything), and give them daily provisions such as water and food.

We see here how God has created everything for us and despite all the hardships and uncertainties, He is still by our sides, whispering in our ears, “I am here.  I will help you.  Do not fear.”  This gives us the courage and the strength to face one more day, knowing when we stumble again, God will be there to pick us back up.


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