BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 19, Day 4 Isaiah 43:8-28

Summary of passage:  God calls all the nations to gather again and challenges the unbelievers to bring in their witnesses and prove they were right.  The Lord then calls Israel as His witness and His servant whom He has chosen to know, believe, and understand He is the One, True God.  God says there was no god before me nor will there be one after Him.  Apart from God there is no savior.  He has revealed, saved, and proclaimed Israel and they are His witnesses that He is God.  When God acts, no one can reverse it.  No one can deliver out of His hand.

The Holy One of Israel says He will take down Babylon in the very ships in which they took pride.  The Lord says (he who brought the people out of Egypt–through the sea and drowning the chariots) to forget the former things and not dwell on the past for He is doing a new thing!  He is making a way in the desert and providing water in the wasteland so His people will proclaim His praise.

Yet, all God does for His people, they grow weary of them.  They quit bringing burnt offerings and other sacrifices.  They bring Him their sins and give nothing in return.  Even so, God blots out their transgressions and forgets their sins (He forgives them) despite the fact they have been guilty since the first father sinned.  But still Jacob will be destroyed and scorned as a result.


7)  God says before Him no god was formed not will there be one after Him.  He is the Lord and apart from Him there is no savior.  No one can reverse God’s acts.  No one can deliver out of His hand.  God summons Israel to speak of the things He has done; to be His witnesses; to speak of His greatness and His deeds; and to be His servant–to know and believe in Him and bring Him glory.

8a)  Babylon

b) Moses parts the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21-31)

c)  Forget the former things and not dwell on the past because He is doing a new thing.  If Israel stayed stuck in the horrors of Babylonian captivity in their minds, they wouldn’t find joy in returning to the promised land from exile.

9a)  Israel has not called upon God nor brought burnt offerings.  They are weary of Him.  They burden Him with their sins with no thanks in return.  God will remember their sins no more and forgive them.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  When I’m tired, God is one of the first things to go.  Sometimes I’m complacent during worship at church and distracted.  I think I burden God more with my junk and give less praise than I should.  Change how I pray and worship.  Praise God for good just as much as bad.

Conclusions:  Great lesson hidden in question 8c.  We also must forget our past of hurts and horrors in order to receive the new life that God has in store for us.  This is not to say to forget the lessons of the past. Just to not dwell on past circumstances so much that they inhibit your life today and infect every area that God has meant to bless us in.

This is echoed in Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s book I just read, Stop Whining, Start Living and in how I’m trying to embrace my past pain so I can let it go and it won’t affect my life today.  Dr. Laura says so many people live out their past truths that they can’t enjoy today or think they’re not good enough to have God’s blessings.  God forgives all and we are meant to enjoy this life and all He has for us in it.  But if we dwell in the past, we cannot see clearly the present and future blessings.  So these blessings pass us by and before we know it nothing but bitterness is left.


3 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 19, Day 4 Isaiah 43:8-28

  1. I love your comments about our past. I hold onto my past also, why do we do that? If we would just let go God has such wonderful plans for us.


  2. God is working with me on my past, at first I was pretty much kicking and screaming that I don’t want to deal with it. I finally came to a place where I said Ok God I’m ready. Since then your many posts, AH-Ha moments in BSF class and the difference I feel inside I know he is working in me. The posts you have been putting are soooo encouraging. I can’t always comment because I’m processing things myself but your blog is such a blessing, not just for you to work through your issues but for some of us that have issues to work through also. God is using your past to help at least me with mine so thank you.


    1. Thanks so much, Cindy, for sharing and for your encouraging words. Lately, I’ve been wondering if this is worth it or not so this gives me the strength to keep at it. I’ve been working so hard to figure out my flaws and change them and it’s definitely a roller-coaster ride. God bless.


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