BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 19, Day 5 Isaiah 44:1-23

Summary of passage:  The Lord who created you says do not be afraid for I will pour my Spirit on you and your offspring and you will flourish.  You will proclaim ‘I belong to the Lord’ and write it on your hand.  I am first and last.  No one is like me.  Apart from me there is none.  I foretell the future and you are my witnesses.

All idols are nothing and worthless and those who make them are ignorant and blink.  Men have to make idols (blacksmith, carpenter) and they wear out just like idols do.  Idols are made from wood, the same material used to cook food and warm man.  Wood burns and no one stops to think, “Gee, I’m worshipping the same thing I’m cooking that turns into ashes.”  Man is deluded and has no knowledge if this is so.

God says remember these worthless idols and how they make no sense.  Remember I have made you, you are my servant and I will not forget you.  I forgive your offenses and sins.  I have redeemed you.  So sing for my praise and glory all I have done.


10)  Isaiah 44:3-4:  God will pour out His spirit on us and our offspring till it overflows

Isaiah 44:5:  I belong to the Lord and proclaim it by writing it on my hand

Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2:14-21:  God pours out His Spirit on all people and whoever calls on Him will be saved

John 7:37-39:  The Spirit will flow within those who believe in Jesus

Acts 1:8:  You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and will become witnesses

11a)  He is the first and the last (an idol has to be made and wears out).  God can foretell the future (idols don’t speak).  God has witnesses for Him.  God is the rock that endures.

b)  Men have to make idols instead of being the created.  Men and idols wear out.  Idols know, say, and do nothing.  No one notices what the idol is made of (that it’s also the material used for fuel) and it can be turned into ashes.  The idol cannot save itself.

c) Personal Question.  My answer:  Worshipping of idols lead to emptiness and unfulfillment.  Only God can give you what you need.

d) Personal Question.  My answer:  God, help me to put you first in my life and see through the empty idols our culture worships and tries to project on others.  Help me to know your truth and power and reject messages of simple pleasures idols offer.

12)  He made them.  They are His servant.  They exist because of and for God.  He has swept away their offenses and sins and redeemed them.  So burst into praise because of this.  Remember foolishness of idols and idol-makers.

Conclusions:  “There is no other Rock.”  This sums it up for me.  If God were my Rock in every situation every day of my life, I’d be a lot happier and much more fulfilled and joyful.  Only God can fill me.  If I am full of God, then there is no room left for miscellaneous ‘idol’ distractions, mini-crises, or unnecessary drama.  God and His blessings would rule.  The Devil would have no place to hide.


One thought on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 19, Day 5 Isaiah 44:1-23

  1. Good day from Australia!
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog during my 1st BSF course. We began our year’s study in February and are just now on Lesson 20 of Isaiah. You’re blog has helped me SO much! I love checking my answers with yours and you often point out things I didn’t see. It’s been a challenging study but I see the end in sight!
    Thanks a million! Keep blogging next year through Acts.
    Maureen (From Oklahoma but currently living in Perth, Australia)


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