BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 20, Day 4 Isaiah 45:1-13

Summary of passage:  The Lord says to Cyrus he will subdue nations for him, strip kings of their armor, open doors and gates, level the mountains, and give him treasures and riches so that Cyrus will know He is God.  God does this for Jacob’s sake (His people).  Cyrus will be the example for others so that they may know He is the only God; He alone brings prosperity and creates disasters; He alone forms the light and dark.  He gives righteousness.  God warns those who quarrel with Him and questions why they have been formed the way they were.  God created us and it is He who will command Cyrus to rebuild His city and free His exiles.


8a)  Israel, God’s people.  Probably complaints about their punishment of exile to Babylon and being pillaged by them.  What do all children quarrel about?

b)  Basically, how dare the created challenge the Creator.  We are nothing to talk back to God.  God as the Creator has the right to do whatever He wants to the created for noble purposes and the common good.

c)  I think it’s acceptable to question God in everything.  Why? is a fair question.  You cross the line when you question God’s authority, competence, power–His character in essence.

9)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Moving, my purpose, pain in my body.  Through thanksgiving, prayer, and petition I will have peace.  He is faithful and will put me where He wants me and will provide what I need to accomplish His purpose.

Conclusions:  Easy day since it was the same passage as yesterday so I was left yearning for more.

I would love to know your thoughts on question 8c.  Do you question God?


11 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 20, Day 4 Isaiah 45:1-13

  1. Yes, I question God out of my own frustration, ignorance, pain, and short-sightedness.

    “What are you doing, God? This is not turning out the way it ‘should!’ How can any of this bring You glory?”

    I know better. I know He knows the beginning to the end. I know He is in control even when my own world is spinning out of control. I know, I know, I know. Yet I have a Father who cares even about how I feel. Even when those feelings are ugly.

    Psalm 62:8 says I am to pour out my heart to Him because He is trustworthy! My heart is not always filled with good things and positive thoughts….He knows that! During these times of heartache filled with questions, I find the Psalms very comforting. The authors of Psalms often times bared their very souls as they “cried out” to Him! They ask God to kill their oppressers and even break their teeth!

    I’m thankful for a God who allows us to question, wonder, and cry out to Him, all the while acknowledging that the Creator God made us, uses situations for our ultimate good, and has it all in control!


  2. I am asking questions all the time so I can know more of who God is and how I can be more like Him. I dont question His right or His authority…I just want to be who He has made me to be.


  3. I question God on what He’s doing in my life. My husband recently lost his job and it’s a very difficult time for us. I question God on what He wants to teach us through this. I question God on how long we will wait for a new job. As I question God, I’ve heard Him speak to me and encourage me on this journey. Just this morning, I awoke with the thought running continuously through my mind, “I will walk with you. I will walk with you.” I believe that was God – what a way to start my day!

    I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago. I love your insight on the BSF lessons – Isaiah has been a hard book for me to study.


  4. Questioning God shows our relationship with Him and our desire to know and understand. When children ask their parents “Why?” it helps us educate and teach them.
    There have been times in my life that I have questioned Him – and it might be years later that I can look back and say “I get it!!” now I know why you had me go through that experience and growth. But otherwise I might not have known.


  5. Regarding whether it’s ok to question God: Certainly God is pleased when we question Him, as in prayer, to reveal his specific will for us…this is searching for God’s advice, asking Him to reveal through the Holy Spirit His desire for us in a given situation. And God is our loving Father, Abba, who wants open dialog with all His children. However, it’s NOT ever an ok attitude to question God’s judgment, actions, or motives, or “shake our fist at God.” He alone is sovereign. Remember God’s reply to Job’s questioning? It prompted Job to then reply, “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know…therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.” (Job 40, 41, then 42:1-6)


  6. I feel in all circumstances we can question God’s ways, the lost of a child,the abused child, all kinds of questions but in no way does God have to answer us. He is God alone and no one else.


  7. I rewrote this and realized above I made many mistakes: it is hard to write as my heart is broken and tears are falling.
    I just read these and am reminded how human I really am as I have to be honest and say in some of my darkest times I have sinned terribly and asked God why, what is going on here. I recognize God as MY ONLY source, nothing else is available to me to depend on and when He says “No” it sometimes hurts so deeply like knife attacking my body and I do respond negatively. I am a “sinner in need of a savior”. The thing that comforts me is the Cross where on it He knew I would one day question Him. He knew how real and human I am and it was His arms on the cross are spread wide open with nails in them. Love held Him to the cross and kept those arms open taking the horrible horrific agonizing pain, and yet the physical pain was outweighed by the spiritual attack and pain He took for us that even while that was all going on those arms were available to receive me when I fall. Love nailed Him to the cross (can’t think of the verse but John 3:16)
    For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Romans 3:23


  8. PS I grew up not knowing how to read and was ridiculed for it, yet I attend college and became a teacher through God’s grace, my husband has not had a job since August, our kids are wayward, our grandkids in a lethal situation, with someone we can’t trust, I have dealt for 11 years with horrible MS, we have an adult special needs child with many challenges and yet I have seen God’s hand waved over me and I walk again. BUT GOD IS STILL GOD NO LESS BUT MORE GOD than ever. Life is tough but God is tougher!!!
    And through this lesson I recognize there is a bigger picture here and He desires no one to perish. We are shattered clay potsherds (potsherds where broken pieces/ fragments of pottery that could be used to used to mold the other creations of the Potter,) we are amidst the magnificent potter/creator. His ways are not or ways, is plans not ours.


  9. I question God, but I know the answer before I even I ask it. It is because he wants us to look to him for everything. He has brought me down to my knees, through health, through a broken marriage. If I wasn’t so stubborn and just follow him I would be pain free and forgiving. I have to work on it everyday, but I know he will pick me up when I fall and wrap me in his wonderful love.


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