BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 21, Day 3 Isaiah 47

Summary of passage:  Babylon will no longer be called tender or delicate.  Its nakedness will be exposed and its shame uncovered as God will take His vengeance.  Babylon will no longer be called the queen of kingdoms. Babylon showed no mercy to God’s people and burdened them with a heavy yoke.  They thought they would keep the people of Judah forever!  Babylon claimed to be God, saying “I am, and here is none besides me.”  I will never suffer lose of my children or become a widow.  But disaster will fall, one their diviners will not foresee.  These astrologers cannot save themselves, let alone the people of Babylon.  No one can save them.


5a)  A virgin is innocent, pure, chaste, and unspoiled.  No longer will Babylon be like a virgin.  It will be exposed for the evil, corrupt nation it is.

b)  Sit in the dust without a throne, no more will they be called tender and delicate.  They will take millstones and grind flour.  Their veil will be removed and they will wade through streams.  Nakedness and shame will be exposed.  No more will Babylon be called the queen of kingdoms.  God will take His vengeance and spare no one.

c)  Babylon showed His people no mercy; it laid a heavy yoke on them.  Babylon planned to continue this treatment of God’s people forever.

6a)  Babylon claimed to be God, saying, “I am, and there is none besides me.”  Claimed never be a widower or lose children.  Claimed no one saw their wickedness–but God did.  God the real “I am, and there is none besides me.”

b)  Personal question.  My answer:  Pride sometimes and I need to be humble in attitude and speech.  Sometimes I forget God sees everything so I can get away with with nothing.

7a)  Completely ineffective.  Babylon relied on magic and sorcery, which will not save them from God’s judgment.  They can’t deliver themselves or others.  No one can save them.

b)  Belshezzar, King of Babylon, was killed and Darius the Mede and the Persians took over the kingdom.

c)  Only God can solve your problems.  Everything else is empty.

Conclusions:  Great example of how success can get to your head and pride takes over and you forget how you got to where you are.  Babylon apparently forgot how the God of the Universe gave them all the nations and had the audacity to abuse His people.  They misused God’s mandate–something we see all too often today.


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