BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 22, Day 1


1) If we listen we can catch an unexpected sound from God.  We minimize God through worry.  Nothing to be afraid of with Him.  “Faith comes from hearing the message” (Romans 10:17) and listening to God.  Spend time with God or waste it in other ways.  If we listen, God will teach and direct us and we’ll have peace like the river.  Where do I need to surrender to God and enjoy His security?  Kids and finances. Expect to hear from God.  Concentrate on listening more.

2) How is God refining you and what is your response?  What is the good He wants to bring out of my trials for His glory?  Driving to school and dealing with school issues.  Dealing with uncertainty in life in terms of moving, husband’s job location, etc.  Putting God first, then family and others, and me last.  Perseverance in writing and my novel.

Conclusions:  The lecture was great with the overall theme being to listen.  Something we probably all need to work on.  I struggled with the passage because I didn’t get this central theme.  Now, it all makes sense.  God wants us to listen to Him more and to others and since He made us He knows how hard it is to do with so much else swirling around us.  The key is to filter out all the “noise” in our lives so we can listen more and hear God’s plans for us and hear others who may desperately need to be heard and may need to be desperately heard by God as well.


2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 22, Day 1

  1. Here I am again and got this far and still can’t the
    questions. I have used “open new window” “open new
    link” “save link” No questions. Please tell me the step to get questions print out.


    1. I’m unsure JoAnn. When I log in, it takes me to the question and I click on the PDF download. Then I hit print for my printer. It sounds like a printer error to me and since I’m not there, I can’t help. Sorry!


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