BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 22, Day 4 Isaiah 49:14-21

Summary of passage:  Zion (God’s people) believes the Lord has forsaken or forgotten them.  God tells them just like a nursing mother will not abandon her baby, neither will He.  God has engraved them on the palms of His hands.  Jerusalem’s walls are ever before Him.  Soon they will return to the Promised Land and will glorify Him.  Israel will be too small for them.  God will bless them with abundance; so much so, it will be hard to believe.


8a)  Because God exiled them; they were ruined and made desolate and their land laid waste.  They were used to God dwelling amongst them in the temple of Jerusalem and now they are far away from their home land.  It’s quite the adjustment.

b)  Just like the exile, when bad things happen, people ask why.  I’m sure some faithful individuals were punished for the collective whole.  When bad things happen to good, faithful people, it’s natural to feel forsaken.  No.  In the past, maybe.

9)  He compared himself to a nursing mother who would never abandon her baby.  He has engraved them on the palm of His hands.  Jerusalem’s walls (the condition of the people) are ever before Him.  He tells them in the future they will return and be free.  Israel will be too small for God’s abundance for His people.

10a)  They will return and Israel will be too small for God’s abundance for His people.  His people will glorify Him like ornaments.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Raising my kids and I’m doing the right thing for them.  Husband’s job.  Continuation of BSF.

Conclusions:  Straight-forward lesson.  Not a lot to unpack.  It’s reassuring to know since the beginning of time people have thought God has abandoned them.  It’s easy to do:  we are so miniscule in the grand scope of things we can feel like one ant among millions.  It’s also reassuring to know God is there even when we feel not-so-close to Him and we feel far from Him.  He is there whether we want Him or not.  And He will always be there–in our darkest hours and our greatest joys.


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