Ah, The Things We Do for Our Children…

My fingers are covered in superglue right now.  It’s hard to type.

Last night, I heard a loud crash at around 11 pm and I knew immediately what it was.  Sure enough, in slinks my dog with a penitent look.  I get up out of bed and my son’s ceramic dinosaur that he painted is in at least a dozen pieces scattered all over my kitchen floor.

You see, my dog had jumped up on the kitchen table, hoping for some scraps from last night’s dinner, inadvertently knocking the dino to the floor.

I picked them up, knowing I’d face tears in the morning.

I got up early (as usual) and after IChatting with my husband (who’s on the night shift so he’s going to bed when I get up), I started supergluing this dinosaur together.  I wrestled with this thing for 45 minutes since some of the pieces were quite small.

Needless to say, I got it all over me and some of the pieces don’t quite fit right.

So, while I suffer with glued fingers for the next few days, my  3 year old son is happy.

That’s all that matters in parenting land.

I would love to hear some of your stories of what you’ve done to keep the peace–if only for that moment!


10 thoughts on “Ah, The Things We Do for Our Children…

  1. i wish you would go back to posting your BSF blogs. i very much enjoy seeing other opinions. the commentating that you find on the net are so unfeeling. i miss your entries. i can’t imagine God would not want sharing of His word anywhere anytime.


  2. oh as far as stories so many but on point a wooden dinosaur kit my son had worked on putting together, i think he was about 5 or 6. curious cat thought it was a toy. ended up having to get a new kit and had a long talk about dealing with “things that just happen”


  3. I have found reading your stories and thoughts so calming to me because I relate so much to them.
    I have really enjoyed reading your BSF interpretations and makes it easier for me to understand and talk about it. Have really missed seeing Lesson 24…will you be behind by one week for now on? We aren’t taking a BSF spring break here.


  4. Truly your inspiring interpetations of the word and Isaiah is phenomenal. Please soak your hands and continue to spread word with your gifted anointing. Let God continue to use you!


  5. Yes I also miss your BSF blogs and I chuckle reading your blogs daily. My children are grown but I miss those days when we were a young family.-tube Below is a God-tube Of an Unbelievable Painting of Jesus Resurection. Enjoy! God Bless You & All


  6. What we won’t do for the kids….I just cut up a small pizza for the boys who are on their way home from church (18 & 21)…I noticed that I’d carelessly cut the pieces unevenly…knowing they would mentally measure the missing pieces in the cardboard outline…I took the two smallest pieces…parental sacrifices are just part of creation. 🙂


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