BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 24, Day 5 Isaiah 53:7-12

Summary of passage:  The Servant was oppressed and afflicted but he did not open his mouth like a lamb led to the slaughter.  He was taken away by oppression and judgment.  The Servant was cut off from the land of the living (died) for the transgression of his people.  The Servant had done no violence nor deceit (sinless) yet he was to be buried with the sinners.  In the end, he was with the rich in death.

It was the Lord’s will to have Jesus suffer and make him a guilt offering so God could see his offspring and the people will see the light of life.  God will be satisfied through the Servant’s suffering soul in order for the people to be reconciled.  Through bearing the people’s iniquities (sins), the Servant will justify many (absolve of sin). The Servant’s reward for his bearing of the sins of many and being numbered as a transgressor (sinner), he will be given a portion among the great.


10a)  When Jesus was accused he gave no answers.  He remained silent and never answered the charges.

b)  Jesus didn’t need to defend himself or lower himself to answer to man.  God was in control the whole time.  Jesus was fulfilling His purpose here on Earth and He knew that.  Jesus willingly gave His life.  It wasn’t taken from Him.  No one had power over Jesus but God.  He was not a helpless victim.  At any time, He could have come down from the cross but it was not God’s will.

11)  Jesus was crucified with 2 robbers and was assigned a common grave with the wicked.  But God sent Joseph of Arimathea to retrieve Jesus’s body and be buried with the rich.  They wrapped his body and anointed it and Jesus was placed in a new tomb.  Thus, Jesus’s body was honored.

12)  Through doing God’s will, sacrificing His own life, and suffering for our sins, God gained victory by reconciling humanity to Himself that was satisfying.  The suffering of the Servant’s soul will be worth it to save us and see the light of life.  Jesus has no regrets.

13)  Justify–to prove or show to be just, right, or reasonable; to absolve; to judge, regard, or treat as righteous and worthy of salvation.  Jesus, through His death, makes man righteous, worthy of salvation, and absolved of sin before God.

Conclusions:  This passage lays out how every detail of Jesus’s death was orchestrated by God for His purposes (to reconcile us to Him).  We can see how painful Jesus’s death was not just for Jesus but to God as well.  Yet, God was satisfied in the end with His work and Jesus was rewarded.

My favorite part of this passage is how Jesus did not engage with man on his level.  He remained silent amidst the horrors He faced.  Often, I am drawn into non-productive arguments just to make a point that in the end seemed like a total waste of time.  I’m trying not to do so but this is very human.  Jesus was above the fracas around Him–a willing and obedient servant.  I pray I can grow in this area as well.

2 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 24, Day 5 Isaiah 53:7-12

  1. Isaiah is my first BSF Bible study. Actually, it is my first ever real Bible study of any kind other than just reading my Bible, church worship and Sunday school. Thank you so much for your help and insight. God bless you for helping those of us that need help in expressing our thoughts.


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