BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 26, Day 4 Isaiah 59:1-15

Summary of passage:  The Israelites wonder if God does not hear them and is unable to save them.  Isaiah explains it is their iniquities (sin) that has separated them from God and why He does not hear and does not save.  For the Israelites have:  lied, slandered, killed, ignored justice, done evil, ruin, destruction, and walked crooked paths.  Therefore, justice and righteousness are far away.  They search for the light but instead stumble along in the darkness.  They carry their sins with them; they rebel and turn their backs on God; they oppress, revolt, and lie.  So God does not grant justice, deliverance, nor righteousness because of the Israelites constant sins.


8a)  It was important because why believe in God if you think He doesn’t hear and is helpless to help you?  The Israelites were the problem.  Sin separated them from God and before Jesus came in Isaiah’s time, you were constantly separated from God because as soon as you atoned, you sinned again.  It was important to understand who God was, who man was, and the relationship between the two at the time.

b)  Violence, murder, lies, slander, no justice, no truth, inherently evil, did evil, evil thoughts, ruin, destruction, walked crooked paths.  Sin originated with Adam and Eve, the Devil before that.  The sin originated in them.

9a)  Justice is driven back, righteousness stands at a distance, no truth.  We cannot see His light so we are blind and like the dead.  We growl and moan.  Justice and deliverance are no where to be found.  Ultimately, they are forever separated from God.

b)  Justice requires truth and honest.  To tell the truth affords justice.  You cannot be righteous without justice and the truth.  Revelation 19:11  “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.  With justice he judges and makes war.”

Conclusions:  It’s amazing the Israelites still believed in God.  I can’t imagine constantly having to atone for all of my sins.  It seems tedious and ultimately depressing and fruitless.  Why atone when you’d just sin again?  It’s a good thing there wasn’t TV back then because if the Israelites had known of the prosperity of places such as Rome and other European opulence, they might have left Israel similar to those who flock to America.

The references in 8a were useful for background knowledge; not so much to answer the question.

This passage is depressing.  Sin was forever with the people; therefore, justice and righteousness were forever far away.  Why continue following God’s laws if you’ll never receive the good parts?  Why continue striving if the goal is unattainable?  So, I can understand some of the Israelites frustrations.


3 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 26, Day 4 Isaiah 59:1-15

  1. Wow – this is a treasure and inspiration. Thank you for taking the courage and saying what is so for you.
    I will pray for you and this ministry 🙂 -hah you may have not thought it that way…..


  2. I can’t even imagine doing BSF without your insight. You have made such a difference in my study on Isaiah. It has been a tough year for me and reading your blog has made me realize that I am a whiner, much like the Israelites. My heart has softened with this study and your input, seeing it through your eyes has opened my eyes. I hope you continue BSF even if it is only the questions you can get on the website. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Thanks again!


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