Pillow Pets

Normally, I don’t engage in what’s ‘cool’, ‘hip’, or ‘trendy’.  But I have to admit, I took the plunge this past weekend when I bought my kids the hugely-popular Pillow Pets.

Admittedly, I have been a stalker in this arena.  Ever since Christmas I wanted to get one for my son–a Dino Pillow Pet but the ones they had just didn’t seem quite right.

Finally, Pillow Pets released the one I was waiting for:  a blue Triceratops.  Blue was the key.  The other Dino pillow pets were not blue.  This doesn’t work for my son.

For those not in the know, a Pillow Pet is a lot like what its name says:  a pillow on the underside with a pet on the top.  They have a velcro strap that allows the animal to sit up when not being laid on.  There are dozens of different kids of pets to choose from:  horses, pigs, lady bugs, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, bears, frogs, etc.  They just came out with a dragon one and a bunny one.  I almost bought one for myself!

I am constantly amazed at what’s out there these days for kids.  I wish I had a Pillow Pet when I was a kid.

The story of Pillow Pets is a lot like that of Crocs.  A company that was started by a mother who had an idea for her kids and it took off.  She saw a need and filled it.  You can read it here.

My kids love these!  They are soft and really are comfortable to sleep on (I tested them!) and very soft.  They are the perfect size for little heads.  I had no arguments to go to sleep the first night!

They are a bit on the pricey side for a pillow (we paid $30 for the new ones.  The older ones–the ones which have been out for a bit–you can find at Wal-Mart and Target for $20) but since I don’t splurge often these were well worth it.  Highly recommended as a toy and a pillow!


4 thoughts on “Pillow Pets

  1. You must be a really neat mom. Your handle, “AtoZMom” suits you. Too bad I have already bought our granddaughter her b/day present (a tent with two sleeping bags for Barbie dolls). But I’ll keep the pillow pets in mind for Christmas. Thanks for all the great recommendations.


  2. A boy in Indianapolis who has a terminal disease is collecting pillow pets so that other kids can have something cuddly at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. I think Applebees is a drop location for the pillowpets. I am sure it is online somewhere about the story.


  3. I too heard the story of the pillow pets. I heard it on K-Love, the radio station. They would also be a point of contact for the pillow pets and the sick children!


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