BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 27, Day 4: Isaiah 60:15-18

Summary of passage:  God will make Israel the everlasting pride and joy of all nations and will drink the milk of nations and be nursed by royal breasts so they will know He is their Redeemer, Savior, and Mighty One.  God will bring the better material (gold instead of bronze, silver instead of iron, bronze instead of wood, and iron instead of stones) and will make peace and righteousness their ruler.  Israel’s walls and gates will be Salvation and Praise.  Violence will be vanquished.


9a)  God will make Israel the everlasting pride and joy of all nations and generations.  Israel will drink the milk of nations and be nursed by royal breasts (will receive the wealth of nations freely as a mother nurses her baby).  God will replace bronze with gold, iron with silver, wood with bronze, and stones with iron (give better things).  God will give peace and righteousness, vanquish violence, ruin and destruction, and call Israel Salvation and Praise.

b)  God can make our walls (be it of our home or those around us) a place of salvation, peace, and righteousness.  He can turn whatever we have into something better.  We can be the pride and joy in our generation especially amongst our family.  We can receive God’s riches freely–as freely as a babe nurses (a mother gives her baby milk).

10)  Personal Question.  My answers:

Lord:  Ruler of my life

Your Savior:  God’s unfathomable love for me

Your Redeemer:  I can fall but God will catch me

The Mighty One of Jacob:  God can do anything for me, through me, and with me.

Conclusions:  It’s nice to have an easy day now and then.  The image of God blessing Israel as freely as a mother gives her milk to her baby speaks to me because I remember those days where baby came first in everything including when she or he wanted to nurse.  Great stuff!


6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 27, Day 4: Isaiah 60:15-18

  1. Hi Atozmom,

    Thanks for all the work you put into preparing your answers and so generously sharing them with us. Due to illness, I missed over six weeks this year. I sincerely appreciated being able to check in with you when I was trying to play “catch up” over the spring break.

    I was able to catch up and and am now limping to the finish line. 🙂

    My answers for 10 are a little different than yours, so I thought I would share them just for a different perspective and possibly for the sake of discussion.

    Lord: Jehovah, Master, Ruler, Husband
    Your Savior: Deliverer–Saves me from my sins, Preserver
    Your Redeemer: Christ redeems me from all evil by the payment of a ransom. Jesus has purchased me from the slave market of sin.
    The Mighty One of Jacob: The Covenant God who shows Himself strong on Jacob’s (and my) behalf.



  2. Hi atozmom,
    Greetings from Kenya, Africa. Bet you didn’t think anyone follows your blog from so far!
    I enjoy reading your comments and it reminds me that in spite of distance, country, race or any other human created boundaries we are one family in God and we all face similar issues.
    Isaiah 60 has been so wonderful as we are reminded that our final destination is a place of such joy that I find myself rather looking forward!
    Be blessed and keep doing what you’re doing.



  3. I really enjoy reading your blog as it gives me an additional view on the scriptures as I complete my BSF lessons. I would like to know what books or web sites, other than the Bible, you use for your research of the scriptures. You always have a wonderful insight to the historical times and details not revealed in scripture. (ex: the information in parenthesis in question 9a)

    Thanks again for being so open and honest with your answers and sharing a piece of yourself with others.


    1. Hey Cindy,

      I use Zondervan’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary and Zondervan’s Atlas of the Bible, both bought at Sam’s Club this year. My favorite commentary to use is Enduring Word but I use others as well for more clarification. But it depends on the passage and the questions. I google most stuff I don’t understand. I’ve used Wikipedia a lot as well. Does that help?


  4. Hi Atozmom,

    I use Enduring Word commentary too to help me understand better when doing the Isaiah study.And I always find your blog extremely helpful when I’m stuck with the questions.I prayed very hard that God will deliver me from the temptation of taking your answers as my own.Pray for me too.



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