BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 28, Day 1


1)  We are to radiate God’s glory–glow–inside despite our circumstances.  How has our mind been transformed by the study of Isaiah?  How is our character being exchanged into God’s character?  Am I blooming where I am planted?

2)  We shine with God’s light that dwells within us.  Those whom God saves He changes.  Believers are the work of God’s hands, displaying His splendor.  He will not leave His people with mediocrity.  He will make them His best.

Conclusions:  God believes in us, wants the best for us, and shines through us.  If only we’d believe in ourselves as much as He does, we could accomplish amazing things.  I think we often get in our own way and sabotage ourselves.  We second-guess and worry when we shouldn’t.

I love the word mediocrity.  It brings to mind those who have just given up for whatever reason; the hardships of life have brought them down.  So they do just enough to get by.  But God wants us to do more than just enough.  He wants us to do our best; to strive and not to yield; to use His light which He has given us which dwells inside of us as our strength to accomplish the great things He has before each and every one of us.

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