What’s Worse: What You Know or What You Don’t Know?

I have a “car book” that I read only in the car.  I finally finished it after 8 months last week!  Yeah!  I love historical fiction but rarely get to indulge in it.

In Ireland by Frank Delaney, a boy learns the woman who he thought was his mother is really his aunt and his aunt is really his mother.  So the above question was posed:  “Which is the worst, huh, what we know or what we don’t know?” P. 479

I started thinking about this in my own life.  As many of you know, I have struggled this whole year with my kids’ school and deciding whether or not to homeschool in the future.  If I hadn’t of homeschooled before, I wouldn’t be having this dilemma.  If I hadn’t of known there was a better option, I’d be quite content with my kids in public schools.

But I do know.  I know I can do a better job.  I know I can save a lot of money, time, and hassle doing it myself.  I know my kids thrive on the challenge at home.  I also know they are both acing public school because they know so much from what I taught them.  I know my oldest daughter questions all the time why public schools do things (for the 1% who can’t follow the rules).  I know I have a passion for teaching and learning and for teaching and learning the Bible that I can pass on to them.

But if I didn’t know all of this….I’d be quite content in my ignorance without some of the hassles of my mind.

The boy in the book–his whole world was turned upside down with his new knowledge.  He was frantic.  And 2 pages later is the best answer I’ve heard when a girl asks the boy:

“What’s the good news inside it?  There’s always good news wrapped up in bad news?”

For the boy, a lot was explained about his childhood: why his “mother” acted the way she did, why his “aunt” acted her way, why his grandfather left the family, etc.

There are many of these examples in my life and probably in yours:  where we know things we wish we didn’t and where we didn’t know things we wish we would have sooner.  For the former, homeschooling. For the later, BSF and things about the Bible I wish I had known sooner.

For me, the good news about homeschooling is there’s options in life.  I know I have choices about my kids’ education.  I know I can teach.  I know my kids can learn.  And I know homeschooling is a viable option for me and my family.

For me, I’d rather know.  I don’t like living in the dark no matter how painful or life-altering the news may be.

In the end, the boy found peace.  And so have I.

5 thoughts on “What’s Worse: What You Know or What You Don’t Know?

  1. Happy Easter Atoz 🙂

    Great Post. I love when something simple can just shift your perspective and it’s easy to remember.

    Like the Satan between the two of you that I wrote about the other day…

    and now this….”Where’s the good news inside the bad news?”

    God is a God of Good News. There’s your faith, Atoz. If you trust that circumstances always are for your good and God’s glory, what isn’t possible to bear?

    Thanks for this post. It really helped me grow and I’ll never forget it.

    Many hugs.


    1. Happy Easter, Nancy!

      I got a quick moment while my kids hunt Easter eggs (they are taking turns hiding them for each other. Ah, the advantage of numerous kids!!).

      So, how are ya? It seems like forever since we’ve ‘talked’. I think you’ve read our move has been delayed (I did shed a few tears…sniff, sniff!). So, as usual, nothing has changed in my life. What about yours? The weather at least?

      Yesterday, I sat in the snow for a whole hour during my daughter’s soccer game. The things we do for our kids.

      I loved your post the other day. Just haven’t had time to comment on it. This end of year school crap is killing me. Too much to do. Not enough time. You add more stuff but you still have the old stuff that won’t ever go away (laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning house, paying bills, feeding dogs, all that good stuff). God is good. We can bear it all with Him even though we never think we can.

      Got to go. Family calls! But just wanted to send you hugs back!


  2. is’nt the peace when,, everything falls into place, lovely. Even if it’s only for a moment. I enjoyed the story and good luck with the schooling


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