BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 30, Day 2


2a)  The single most important lesson has been the importance of God’s word.  Knowing it, understanding it, applying it, obeying it, sharing it–all has been deeply rooted in my soul.  I have never really studied the Bible before.  I’ve always wanted to but to be honest didn’t know where to begin.  I have done other “Bible Studies”, which weren’t in essence Bible Studies.  It was more social hour with other women and read a book and hopefully get something out of it.  I had become bored, yearning for something deeper, when I was invited by a lady from my church to try BSF.

I loved it from Day 1 and as the months went by I began questioning why I hadn’t heard of BSF before.  I was ready for this study years ago but just didn’t know.  I began wondering why my church has never mentioned it.  Why BSF doesn’t advertise (probably monetary reasons)?  At least my church should have said something about it.  I’m assuming most churches know about BSF and would want to promote such a study.  Maybe not.  Maybe they are afraid it would detract from the studies they offer (I think this is my church by the way.  They offer studies at the same times as BSF meets).

I know, I know.  You come to BSF when God brings you.  I get it. But sometimes I think God needs a bit of help in spreading His word, right?  “I will send some of those who survive to the nations…that have not heard of my fame or seen my glory.  They may proclaim my glory among the nations.”  Isaiah 66:19

So, this is my free advertising for BSF’s sake:  Come one, come all to Bible Study Fellowship for an in-depth study of the Bible. World-wide, BSF appeals to all learning styles and offers classes at different times to accommodate different schedules.  We have a kids program that is phenomenal–guaranteed to teach your little ones (and not-so-little ones) about the Bible.  Come to an introduction class today!  (I picture myself as a circus announcer here!  Very hilarious to see myself in such a get-up with a huge megaphone!)

(Just using modern tools to spread the gospel, ya know!)

b)  I have a 3 year old in the program.  It’s been a benefit for me because I know He is hearing God’s word and it allows me 2 hours a week baby-free to relax in God’s word.  My family gets a happy, more God-centered mama!

Beyond this, it’s hard to say.  I’m not for sure how much he is getting out of it.  He doesn’t talk about it (he can’t get a word in edge-wise with 2 older sisters!), but I know he enjoys it.  He loves going.  He loves his teachers.  I think he’d get a lot more from it if he were older. But I know foundations stones are being laid that will be invaluable to his future faith and growth in God and His word.

Conclusions:  I went off on 2a and to be honest this was the most fun question I have answered all year.  Not for sure where that came from to be honest.  But it made me laugh!

This is how I write by the way.  I have no plan usually.  I write what comes to me and hope for the best.  I think this is more freeing and allows God to creep in more (this is what I tell myself anyway!).


5 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 30, Day 2

  1. I wish I had found your blog when I started BSF this past year. I plan on re-reading all the Isaiah notes this summer and I’m hoping to read your answers to quesitons I highlighted for review during this summer also. You have done a great job keeping up with this blog, I commend your efforts and contributions.


  2. What fun to read your answer to this question, to see what an impact BSF has made on you and how it has helped direct you to deepen your relationship with the Lord. I can ditto nearly everything you said here; boredom with other studies, wanting something more, something deeper. Like you, I had never heard of BSF until I was invited by a new (soon to become best) friend. My church also has a study the same day as our local BSF class. Some of the women there even pooh-poohed the BSF study saying it was too regimented and had “homework”. Horrors! I trusted my friend and will be eternally grateful for what I have learned since I began my BSF classes in 2000. Without that structure and “homework” I never would have dug as deeply and worked as hard to understand God’s Word. I needed the accountability. Without it, I personally think the BSF program would become just another watered down…social hour as you described it. I have been able to attend all of the seminars and have benefited greatly from them. I really do want to make an impact for God and feel so much more confident and prepared to do so now with these BSF studies under my belt. I feel blessed to have the leader and group of women in my class this year that God surely put together for us. There have been many good groups in the past but this one is like no other. We quickly bonded and loved one another,have been honest and transparent-accepting and praying for the good, the bad and the ugly in eachothers
    lives. No judging, just loving. What a gift!

    If you find yourself moving to a location without a class, don’t get discouraged. I had a four year gap and came back for Isaiah. You just start up again almost as if you never left. That’s another strong part of the BSF program.

    What an awesome year it’s been!

    Your sister in Christ from Indiana


  3. I totally agree! I am so glad I didn’t listen to my mother-in-law…a BSF drop out. Her list of reasons are a mile long and she looks down her very brilliant nose at BSF participients. I had a much larger gap due to frequent military moves but I have never been sorry I have dedicated a year to an indepth study with BSF. The funny thing is that I was never evangelical enough, Baptist enough, religious enough for my MIL when I began dating her son despite being a born-again Christian. After 30 years, thanks to BSF, I have an even stronger, wonderful faith in our Father and sure salvation through His son, Jesus Christ. I have grown so much this year through the tough study of Isaiah…I’m so much calmer…my Irish upsets are practically non existant now and the elephant grudges are gone. I have so much more love and patience now. I seek God first when I’m upset rather than call the girlfriends to complain. God has showed me what years of rebellion and self promotion over humbleness will result in this past week. I saw a 70 year old woman still holding a grudge against a dead mother-in-law over remarks made 50 years before such as, “Aren’t you worried she’s too young or will want a divorce?” I don’t want to be that woman anymore that I used to despair of ever pleasing but for whom I had so much respect for her vast Chrisitan “knowledge and witness”. She makes fun of me for BSF (maybe a bit strong but it was clear she didn’t consider it an intellectual challenge) now that she’s gone “new age” Christian with no belief in a literal heaven or hell or even that Jesus Christ is the son of God. I pray that God will keep this heresy away from my dear children, nieces, and nephews, all of whom have been raised in strong Christian homes but like many young college kids and adults, they might be swayed by this “all paths lead to God, whatever feels good, I’m okay, you’re okay” theology she seems to be espousing. I pray for her soul. It’s heartbreaking. I am so glad that I had this year of Isaiah before learning of this issue with my in-laws! God was good in preparing me. Thank goodness for this contemplative year and this challenging study and that BSF continues to be structured, to have Biblical standards, and to take seriously the command to go among the nations and carry the Good News. I love Jesus Christ more than ever after this study. I love atoz as my sister in Christ and her blog reading brothers and sisters as we have shared this year together. I am praying so hard for my mother-in-law and my father-in-law to see the Light so they can once again sing and mean it, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness…on Christ the Solid Rock I stand…all other ground is sinking sand…all other ground is sinking sand.”


  4. YOu mentioned a Zonderman Dictionary that helped you in your study. All I find is a study Bible. Is that what you were referring to?


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