BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 30, Day 3


3a)  The power of prayer.  God wants to comfort me so I can comfort others.  God remains faithful even when His people do not.  Trust in God and experience triumph.  We reflect God’s glory.  God’s plan and purposes will always prevail.

b)  I pray more.  I think of others more.  I trust in God and His purposes for my life more.  I try to be a better person knowing I reflect God.  Results:  Less worried.  Not fighting God as much in my life.  Accepting what comes my way as His plan.  Trying to be God’s light to others and bring them closer to Him. Completely knowing God is there no matter what.

Conclusions:  Good exercise to review the principles.  I noticed a pattern in ours such as faithfulness, truth, and God’s love that shined out.


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