“If I Reach One Person…”

One of you wrote me a lovely email explaining why I should continue BSF posts. It said something like this:

If you reach one person with your blog, the Lord may lead him to Christ through you and you have done the Lord’s work.  She challenged me to continue sharing the Good News before it is too late (Christ’s Second Coming).

This touched me.

I remember hearing Pastor Rick Warren say something very similar.  He was talking about the last days of his dying father (who was a pastor as well) and his father told him the same thing, “If just one person is reached for Jesus and saved through you, then life is worth it.”

We are told this too in church and why we are called to evangelism.  Telling the Good News can reach just one soul and that soul is VERY important to God.  It may seem irrelevant to us at the time because we can’t see it.  But it’s HUGE to God.

I had lost sight of that over the last year.

I tend to think of this blog as a BSF blog.  Most of you come to compare answers. But not all of you do.  I get hits from people looking to know about born again. And I get hits from depressed people as well, looking for comforting words.  I get homeschool hits.  Book hits.  And writing hits.

Lately I had thought this endeavor seemed to be in vain.  But this lovely lady reminded me it’s not.

And God is moving in my life as well.  I believe in my heart I will be in a BSF class again sooner than I had thought.

God bless all of you who care enough to encourage me when I’m down and remind me what’s important in this life and who’s first:  God.  And God’s work.  Not me.  Or my work.

I will try to write those back who emailed me this weekend.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

P.S.  First posting of BSF ACTS will be on Monday.  Again, I am skipping Day 1 and Day 6.  I may start those up again at a later time.