Who Would Want to Live Without God?

This question arose in my mind as I was contemplating how I would not want to live in the 1800’s with no running water, electricity, or modern bathroom.

Luckily for me, God placed me here in this time for a reason–His reason.

So if I wouldn’t want to live without modern conveniences, the same could be said about God as well.  I wouldn’t want to live without Him, either.

Again, luckily for me, I never have.  I was raised a Christian, knowing Him (not  like I do now) but knowing Him.

So what would my life look like without Him?

For starters, I doubt I’d be here.  I probably would have killed myself a long time ago when I went through some serious depression in college.  But I remember praying over and over again to God, usually crying myself to sleep uttering His name as I asked Him, “What was wrong with me?  Why was this happening to me?  Why me?”

Admittedly, I still do this in my lows, just not nearly in such a fragile state of mind.

God gets me through every day.  He gave me a purpose (kids, writing, family) that propels me to do things I normally wouldn’t.  He’s there when I cry out.  He’s there when I’m happy.

I think of all the people who do not know Him.  And it’s overwhelming to think about.

Are their lives empty?  Do they feel a deep satisfaction?  How do they get through the lows in life?  Are they content in life?

Questions I’ll probably never be able to answer but they lead me to one thing: gratefulness for God and who He is and His promises to me.  And the ability to share Him with others (not as many as I’d like) but with those in my path.

That’s all we can do really.  Live our lives according to His word and share Him when called.

I’d call that a life well lived.