BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 9, Day 4: Hebrews 1:4-14

Summary of passage:  Jesus is superior to the angels because God called him his son; God said he is the Father to Jesus; Let all God’s angels worship him; God makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire.

God has set Jesus above your companions by anointing him with the oil of joy.  His throne will last forever and righteousness shall be his scepter.

God will always remain, unchanging, as the Creator of heavens and the earth.

Jesus sits at God’s right hand; no angel does.

Angels are ministering spirits, sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.


8 )  1) God claimed Jesus as His son.

2)  God said He is the father of Jesus.

3)  God said let the angels worship Jesus.

4)  God has set Jesus above his companions by anointing him with the oil of joy.

5)  God set Jesus at His right hand.  Jesus has sat down, having completed his work.  The angels on the other hand never sit, always standing the presence of God, their work never finished.  They are still serving.

6)  God gave Jesus the authority of righteousness (judgment) which will be the scepter of His kingdom.

7)  God made his angels out of wind and fire to be His messengers.

8 )  God says Jesus shall remain, unchanging, forever.

9)  God calls Jesus “God” Verse 8, which is quoting Psalm 45:6-7

9a)  That angels are God’s messengers made from wind and fire.

b)  I think angels are idealized.  People picture dead relations as angels, which is not true since angels are created beings different than humans. But because of movies, psychics, and not wanting to tell little kids the truth misconceptions abound.  Thus, these wrong notions lead people to elevate angels above Jesus/God.  Some people would rather believe such things because they cannot let go on Earth.

To be honest though, I don’t think many people ponder angels much beyond the angels in the birth of Jesus story.  God sent an angel to Mary and Joseph. He sent an angel to the wise men to announce Jesus’ birth.  That’s probably the extent of most people’s knowledge of angels.

Or people picture angels floating around Heaven without thought as to their place.

Therefore, I’m not sure how many people actually do elevate angels.  I just don’t see much thought here.

c)  If people do, then it’s dangerous because it could turn into borderline worship.  Only one being deserves our worship:  God.  Not his servants or messengers.

Also, not all angels are good.  Some angels are sent by Satan.  One must be careful when dealing with celestial beings.

Conclusions:  Great lesson for planting a seed to think about and understand angels and their role in the Bible and God’s universe.  I believe most people think about angels only in passing (if at all).  The key is in understanding their role in the Bible.

Still, this lesson left me wondering if perhaps I’m missing something in the angel debate. Maybe angels are elevated in other religions I just don’t know about.  You’d think since BSF spent a whole day on angels (and on the same passage as yesterday), this would be a problem with people.  For me, it’s not.  Never has been.

Thinking I’m missing something, I did some research and discovered yep, I’ve been missing stuff.  Here’s a great article on culture’s view of angels.  I guess I just don’t get out much to know this stuff!’s-ministering-spirits

Here is a quick synopsis on angels with references:

End Note:  After doing my own research, I would have liked to have seen more passages referring to angels for us to ponder. Now, I do think there are tons of misconceptions out there (including  misconceptions among Christians since I had some) about angels.  This is a great topic to explore more in depth if you have time.