Will I EVER Learn to Play the Guitar?

It’s been six months now since I really started playing the guitar and I’m just frustrated.  I still haven’t mastered the major chords yet and the barr chords are driving me nuts! They sound horrible!

Yet at the same time playing gives me great joy.

I always wanted to play an instrument ever since I was a little girl.  But I was raised by a single mom who didn’t have the time nor money to provide such luxuries.

Thankfully and gratefully, I have both now so I’m trying to live out a dream of mine being late rather than never.

I see this as part of who I am now.  A beginning guitar player.

Frustrating?  Yes.  Challenging?  Yes.  But oh so rewarding.  Especially once the dream is accomplished (how ever many years that takes!).

7 thoughts on “Will I EVER Learn to Play the Guitar?

  1. Thjanks for the hard work you do in responding to the BSF questions each week. Your insight helps me a lot in preparing my own lessons. Please keep up this effort. Here is a verse I want to leave you with:

    Deuteronomy 33:25 (NKJV)

    May the bolts of your gates be of iron and bronze; may your strength last the length of your days!

    Incidently, I prepare a weekly power point Sunday School lesson that follows the Lifeway Explore the Bible quarterly series. We are just now finishing up the book of Romans which fits in nicely wiith the BSF Acts study. If you ever want a Sunday School lesson you can use, please feel welcome to use the ones on my blog: http://oklahomajudge.blogspot.com/


  2. I have the same dream! I have an in home daycare and the kids love it when I just strum. I bought a guitar a year and a half ago… I really need to make it a priority.


  3. I started my violin lesson with my two daughters(now 7 and 10) four years ago.
    Despite the struggles I have to go through every time I practice, I think it’s worth every effort.


  4. Stick with it! For the bar chords, rotate your finger to its side to play. If you’re trying to play a bar with the fingerprint-down it will be a lot harder. Use the bony structure on the side for an easier time.


  5. Practice is the key to learning to become a good guitar player. You should set aside some time to practice every day. You should learn and practice chords and scales.


  6. Thanks for sharing about your guitar experiences. It takes a lot of practice and persistency over a period of time to succeed like everything else in life.


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